Join the movement


Share your voice in our online magazine. We want to know how lifting heavy and getting strong has affected your every day life. Help us share our love of lifting with the world.


Lift at one of our events and benefit a worthy nonprofit. Become an affiliate gym and host a competition. Volunteer to spot/load, or handle a first-time competitor.


Design a new t-shirt, poster, or any other thing you’d like. If you have ideas, we want to hear them. We’ll be expanding in the coming months, we want you on board!


Join our worldwide online community of volunteers and lifters. Answer and ask questions, attend meet ups, and find likeminded people near you. Let’s unify our efforts!

Specific Roles Needed:

Content Manager & Editor

Manage and curate content for Women’s Strength Coalition’s online magazine.

Fundraising Assistant

Join the fundraising committee and brainstorm new ways to raise money for Women’s Strength Coalition events and programs.

Qualified Coaches

Offer low to no cost training to potential clients, work with WSC to create special programs in line with our mission.

Newsletter Manager

Compile articles from around the internet for newsletter to send to subscribers weekly.


For a specific or general role.

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