New Ethic Strength & Conditioning

New Ethic Strength & Conditioning
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New Ethic Strength & Conditioning

606 E 11th St Oakland, CA 94606

Lift Heavy. Look Awesome. (Pet Puppers). Smash Bro Culture.

  • 707-495-2443
  • Monday – Friday
    8am – 8:00pm
    9am – 2pm
  • Gender Neutral Bathroom
  • Gender Affirming



We strive to create a safer space for everyone to feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zone and getting strong af. We’re a strength and conditioning gym focused on powerlifting, weightlifting and crossfit style workouts with a focus on community and support, with a dog-friendly environment.

Group classes (including Muscle Babes! A “no dude powerlifting” series), Semi-Private Training, Personal Training, a Competitive Team, Plant-Based Nutrition Consultations, and Open Gym are all available and we also create space to support other organizations through offering fundraising or space for events such as documentary screenings.

Who We Are


NewEthic Strength & Conditioning is a 2,000 square foot training facility just five blocks Southeast of Lake Merritt in Oakland. We also have a private outdoor training area. Using dynamic, functional fitness, and a goal oriented approach, we will help you get stronger, leaner, happier and more comfortable in your skin.

We support everyone’s individual path. As a judgement free, body positive, and supportive community, we are LGBTQ friendly, and welcome all backgrounds and body types. We want to express that you do not need to be fit to start exercising. Whether you have been working out for years or have never set foot inside of a gym, you will feel at home here.

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