Foundations of Strength

for Womxn

Hosted by Barpath Fitness

Foundation of Strength will cover:

Pelvic Floor Strengthening with Dr Krystyna Holland, DPT

Stability, Mobility and Active Recovery Drills with Katie Kollath, MS (CPT, USAW)

Strength Development / Programming with Heather Hamilton, MS (Exercise Physiologist, USAW, USPA Elite Powerlifter, CPT)

Date: Sunday March 29, 2020
Time: 12pm-2pm
Location: Project Rise Fitness
2115 S Birch St, Denver, CO
Cost: $25

Heather Hamilton

Heather is a fitness educator, entrepreneur, and a higher education professional within the fitness industry. In 2006, after dropping out of high school, she refocused her life and decided to obtain her GED and pursue a career in Fitness and Health. She went on to obtain her BS and MS in Exercise and Health Science and started working as a fitness educator. Over the last 13 years, she has certified and trained numerous fitness professionals at both universities and private gyms.

Full time, she serves as the Director of Fitness at the Colorado School of Mines. She aims to bridge the gap between education and experience for young fitness professionals by giving them experiential learning opportunities that standard education systems don’t typically offer.

Heather competes as an Elite level Powerlifter within USPA. She is an LGBTQ advocate and she specializes in remote coaching and programming for powerlifting athletes. She aims to help people develop strength and find intrinsic motivation to live an active and healthy life.


Kaite Kollath, MS

MS Health & Human Performance
USAW Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist

Katie has been working in the fitness industry since 2014. She is the co-owner of BARPATH FITNESS, LLC where she specializes in remote coaching, programming, and in-person training in the Denver area. Additionally, she is a coach at Project Rise Fitness.

Katie began her fitness journey by becoming interested in body-building style training, but she quickly fell in love with being strong and started focusing on athletic performance. She competed in numerous powerlifting meets before moving on to perfecting the Olympic lifts and becoming a USA Weightlifting Coach. She has now shifted her focus to being strong with her own bodyweight using gymnastics training.

Her main focus is getting people strong and healthy through whatever modality appeals to them – powerlifting, bodyweight training, olympic weightlifting, crossfit, etc. Her goal is to help people figure out what style of training works for them and what is going to keep them showing up consistently so they can achieve their health goals.

Dr. Krystyna Holland, PT, DPT

Krystyna’s journey as a provider started as a patient. Frustrations with her own medical treatment, including feeling unheard, short appointment times, and one-size-fits-all treatment have inspired her to go the extra mile when it comes to empowering her patients to be an active participant in their healthcare, starting in their physical therapy sessions.

She has seen how healthcare discrepancies impact patient care and experience, and she started Inclusive Care to provide quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of their position on the gender identity spectrum.

She wishes everyone knew about pelvic health and how it relates to having pleasurable sex, strength and stability, and staying dry, which is why she puts out information on social media and hosts interactive workshops.

She knows first hand the power of pelvic floor physical therapy and how it can build confidence in your ability to stop having painful sex, stop leaking, and start living.

This event is  open to cis and trans women,
intersex, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming athletes!

All people deserve equal access to fitness and movement.

Host a Workout or Event at Your Gym
with Women’s Strength Coalition during Women’s Month!

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