We Turn Athletes Into Activists


And use our collective strength to impact the world in a meaningful way.

First Event, Lift For Planned Parenthood: April 2017
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Large scale, inclusive, gender affirming, sporting events
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How much our athletes have raised for OTHER nonprofits

We believe that every individual has the power to positively affect change in the world. By benefitting a nonprofit in the event city’s backyard, we are helping more people become active members of society.


Want to Host an Event?

Event organizers select a local nonprofit to benefit that aligns with Women’s Strength Coalition’s mission and vision, and participants are asked to elevate the nonprofit’s work through advocacy and fundraising within their community. >>Go here to learn more and get involved!


Who We Have Helped

  • Valley Youth House
    Valley Youth House Pennsylvania
  • Lambert House
    Lambert House Seattle
  • Queer Lifespace
    Queer Lifespace California
    BAGLY Boston
  • Ali Forney Center
    Ali Forney Center New York
  • Equality Florida
    Equality Florida Florida
  • Urban Peak
    Urban Peak Denver
  • Trans Lifeline
    Trans Lifeline National Presence
  • Project Fierce
    Project Fierce Chicago
  • Project Semi Colon
    Project Semi Colon National Presence
  • Planned Parenthood
    Planned Parenthood National Presence
  • Diversity Richmond
    Diversity Richmond Virginia
  • The Center
    The Center California
  • Avenues For Homeless Youth
    Avenues For Homeless Youth Minneapolis
  • Epic Girl
    Epic Girl Tennessee
  • National Organization For Women
    National Organization For Women National Presence
  • Lost N Found Youth
    Lost N Found Youth Georgia
  • Casa Ruby
    Casa Ruby Washington, DC

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