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To provide a holistic space for individuals to explore and restore current relationships with their bodies, movement, and what comprises personal definitions of “health” free from diet culture and self-punitive behaviors.

Autonomy is the ability to create one’s own self-directing freedom and moral independence.

The intention of Autonomy Movement is to deconstruct current beliefs and expectations of exercise that make clients feel “less than,” and teach them to move in ways that feel nourishing and compassionate to their bodies.

The space isn’t meant for intentional weight loss or changing the body, it’s meant to expand the way clients view exercise and their own capabilities. Our instructors are trained in both physical and mental health, and all have experience working with eating disorders and body image issues. Our studio is meant for all bodies, ages, and genders.

Autonomy Movement is dedicated to providing safety physically, emotionally, and mentally to our clients.

The fitness rooms have no mirrors (there will be mirror warnings on bathroom doors to alert clients to small makeup mirrors inside), scales, or pro-weight-loss monthly challenges.

Providing any type of dietary education is limited to Registered Dietitians educated in eating disorders, and any type of mental health counseling or coaching is limited to licensed mental health professionals educated in eating disorders. All Autonomy staff members are mandated to take a Body Diversity Fitness Competency training in order to provide education on intuitive eating, intuitive movement, eating disorder fundamentals, the Health at Every Size and Body Positive movements, instructor privilege, trauma-informed movement, and so much more.

At Autonomy, the goal is to help clients find ways of moving that inspire joy, comfort, and connection without the pressure of changing their bodies.

Autonomy exists to provide a safe space for clients to learn to explore personal definitions of health, and work to restore their current relationships with their bodies and exercise.

Our staff will be Health at Every Size-informed instructors, and we hope to eventually be able to offer psychoeducation, support, and process groups to the Austin community.

Autonomy will offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to, group classes, personal training, fusion classes involving a psychotherapeutic component, massage therapy, and intuitive eating groups.

We don’t just want to be a drop-in studio, we want to foster relationships and community.


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