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Fitness Belongs to Everybody

Volition Fitness is a private personal training studio. We tailor all programs to each individual client and their specific wants and needs. We are the largest private personal training studio in Idaho. Our main focus is strength training, and we currently have 5 squat racks, 1 competition rack, and 3 deadlift platforms with a variety of additional strength and conditioning equipment such as a full variety of barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, cable machines, specialty bars and equipment, slam balls, as well as 50 feet of turf and sleds. 

We started our business in 2010. In the last 9 years our facility has grown by more than 6 times the space and gone from 1 trainer to 5.  Our goal is to make clients feel as comfortable and confident as possible while empowering them to do their best.


Strength Origins


Our trainers have a wide and varied background, but the common thread between all of us is what strength training has brought to our lives. We believe in the powerful nature of what being stronger, both mentally and physically, can do. Volition Fitness was started by a husband and wife duo who run the facility while working as trainers. 

Our primary objective has always been to provide quality training to all of our clients, no matter their backgrounds. We aim to provide our clients with quality training services and education while empowering them to achieve their fitness related goals.  We look forward to using this growth to continue to serve the community while working towards offering more fundraising events, free and low cost seminars and more.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our service. We work together with our clients to ensure that they receive the training and education that they want and need. We believe in a mixture of both science-based training in conjunction with anecdotal knowledge to aid our clients. We believe in education and are always advancing our knowledge. In addition, due to the fact that we are a private facility, we have the ability to work with those that may not be comfortable working in a large “box gym” setting. There is no audience and no judgement which opens up opportunities to those who may be uncomfortable in most fitness settings.


A Place For All To Strive


We are passionate about fitness and movement because it is all-inclusive. We are moving from the time we are born and continue to do so throughout our lives. There should not be any cultural barriers to who can become involved in fitness and movement. Fitness looks different to everyone, and should be treated as such. Strength is so empowering, and we want to share that with anyone and everyone.

We have private, non-gendered restrooms with inclusive signage.

Our facility is ADA compliant and accessible to all.

All software platforms we use allow for both gendered and non-binary options so no one is forced into checking a box that they do not identify with.

We hosted Pull for Pride in 2019, and have plans to continue to participate and organize inclusive events such as this.

We are working to offer free and low-cost seminars to lower the cost barrier and provide high quality services and education to all, regardless of gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ability, or income status.

We believe strongly in inclusion and fairness for all.

We make it a priority to pay all employees fairly for their hard work, dedication and efforts to both our company and clients. We host charity meets and work regularly to give back to our community through other fundraising events.

We make ourselves available to any person that needs our help regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status or team affiliation. We believe that it is important to aid all athletes at meets and shows, regularly aiding in loading bars, choosing attempts, reviewing rules and calls and more to any athlete that asks for help.

Discrimination of any kind are shut down swiftly. We do not tolerate any sort of body shaming, no matter the body. Fit shaming and fat shaming are equally negative and neither are tolerated. Our philosophy is that fitness belongs to everyone—we exist to teach, lead, and motivate people toward success and discrimination is in direct contrast to that.

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