Women’s Strength Coalition is a national network of likeminded fitness professionals, community leaders, and affiliate gyms, striving to build stronger communities through increased access to strength training.

Mission & Vision

Expand access to fitness, sport, and strength training, to build a global community rooted in equity and inclusion, so all have equal opportunity to express their voice and embrace their power.

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Our affiliates are inclusive gyms and fitness studios that work to provide strength for all. Get on our map, and join us as we use our collective strength to impact the world in a meaningful way.


Create space for more people to experience the positive impacts of fitness. Help uplift deserving local and national causes, and our ability to develop programs that promote our core values.



Learn about the impact of our events, programs, and workshops.

About Us

The Women’s Strength Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization that provides support, visibility, and a network for existing nonprofits that align with our mission.  We envision a future with a strong network of affiliate gyms, sponsored training and educational opportunities, and a community that excels in providing strength for all.


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Organize an event to benefit a local nonprofit doing excellent work in your community.

  • The whole event was not just a great concept but a SOLID follow through. It felt so inclusive, and the whole room was buzzing with energy. Powerlifting meets can be so musclehead-y, but there were no judgements and plenty of high fives and rainbow flags - and, like, also some really heavy weight being pulled.
    Katie Pull For Pride
  • Absolutely incredible! The meet was well-run and efficient, the environment was incredibly supportive and super welcoming for first-time competitors. I loved every minute of it, and would 110% participate in another WSC event!
    Alexandra Lift For Planned Parenthood

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