Increasing Access to

Fitness, Sport, and Movement

The Heart Of Our Work

Our work is centered on the belief that fitness, sport, and movement, have the capacity to radically improve lives, advance social causes, strengthen communities, and are a fundamental human right.

Some of the current barriers to fitness, sport, and movement that we seek to dismantle are:

Sexism, racism, and discrimination within the fitness industry

Exorbitant financial costs associated with most movement practices

Diet-culture’s entanglement with the fitness industry

Fatphobia in fitness spaces and beyond

Transphobia in sports and beyond

A lack of inclusion surrounding religious attire in sporting events

…and more.

How We Do It

Women’s Strength Coalition hosts events all around the world that benefit exceptional, social justice oriented nonprofits.

By selecting an event in each city’s own community, we encourage our athletes to become active members of society.

To date, our fundraisers have raised over $330,000 for nonprofits that align with our mission and vision.

We run an international advocacy and education program that is queer and trans led, named Pull For Pride. This program is dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA2+ athletes and LGBTQIA2+ centered nonprofits.

Of particular focus is the fight for the inclusion of transgender, gender nonconforming, intersex, and nonbinary athletes, in strength sports.

Strength For All is our nonprofit, community-driven gym space in Brooklyn, NY. There, we are able to offer open gym memberships, as well as drop-in classes and 8-week fitness courses, at sliding scale or donation-based pricing.

Strength For All was intentionally designed to ensure equal access to strength and fitness for folks of all backgrounds, ethnicities, body-types, abilities, and gender identities.

Our Affiliate Program highlights gyms all around the country that align with our core values while aiming to increase access to fitness for all people.

By creating a map of safe, inclusive facilities, we signal boost the work of others, while offering invaluable resources to athletes looking for places to train.

Further, we share the mission and motivation of the gym owners that we feature, so that more people can make their fitness spaces welcoming to all.

We want to hear from everyone, especially those who are usually left out of the conversation surrounding fitness and movement.

Women’s Strength Coalition provides a platform for diverse voices, where folks of all backgrounds and experiences have their story heard, affirmed, and celebrated.

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Women’s Strength Coalition’s Continuing Education will focus on topics that will allow for fitness professionals to work with more folks from varying experiences and life circumstances.

Our first offering, Trauma Sensitive Strength Training: A Practical Guide, will be launching in Winter 2020.

It’s focus will be to increase access to strength training for those who suffer from a history of trauma and/or are experiencing PTSD.

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