Volition Fitness

Fitness Belongs to Everyone

Volition Fitness
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Volition Fitness

5669 N Glenwood St Garden City, ID 83714
  • 208-318-5503
  • Contact@VolitionFit.com
  • Monday – Friday
    5am – 8:30pm
    8am – 2pm
  • Accessible
  • Gender Affirming

Who We Are


Volition Fit is the largest private personal training studio in Boise, Idaho. Our philosophy is that fitness belongs to everyone—we exist to teach, lead, and motivate people toward success. We believe that exercise has the capability to not only improve quality of life immensely, but also to save lives. We believe that barriers to exercise due to gender, sexuality, race, income, and ability should be removed. There are no easy shortcuts, no magic pills, no one size fits all programs. We create customized programs that fit your goals, ensuring the end result comes swiftly and enjoyably.

An uncompromising fitness education experience, with a focus on client performance, goal completion, and overall health and wellness.

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