Shannon Kim WagnerExecutive Director

All people deserve to feel safe and strong in their bodies. Together, we can revolutionize the fitness industry.

Shannon Kim Wagner is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Yoga instructor with seven years experience working in multiple facets of the fitness industry. Her drive to use her sphere of influence to create positive social change led to her to found Women’s Strength Coalition in 2017.

Barbell training radically altered Shannon’s view of herself, her body, and her role in society. Learning how to lift weights solely for the act of increasing her personal strength and power was to denounce diet culture and its insistence that exercise was for the purpose of getting smaller. For her, this was the first step in unlearning a lifetime of harmful messaging perpetuated by media and cultural norms. As a survivor, she found the power built under the bar translated into other areas of her life, and she learned to search inward for safety and affirmation.

Shannon believes that all people deserve to attain this level of safety in their own body, and that the mental strength and resilience that accompanies many forms of physical activity can be essential to one’s ability to advocate for themselves and take up space.


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