Will you help increase access to fitness and movement?

This giving season, we are turning to you for support. In order to keep our gym open, we are asking folks who have experienced the life-changing power of fitness and strength to gift it others. What better gift could there be?

Can you make a one-time donation, so we can continue providing free, donation-based, and sliding-scale gym memberships and classes, to our community? All people deserve to feel safe and strong in their body.

Our goal is to increase our Patreon to $2,000 a month and raise $5,000 for the gym.

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Why Give to Strength For All?

Strength For All is a nonprofit, community-driven gym that takes an anti-capitalist approach to fitness and movement. We intentionally designed our gym to promote access to strength training and fitness for people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, orientations, sizes, abilities, and income levels.

Strength For All does not have any investors and instead relies on community support to operate. In this way, we are liberated from traditional marketing practices that marry diet and fitness.


No diet talk or weight loss discussions are permitted inside of our space. We are staunchly anti-diet culture, pro health at every size, and pro body autonomy.


All gym memberships and classes are offered at a sliding scale, for as low as $25 a month or $10 a class, and we still pay our coaches equitable wages.


Strength For All is and gender affirming and has a zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination toward any staff or gym members.

Free Workshops

Strength For All hosts free and donation-based workshops so that more people can learn to lift in a fun and welcoming environment.


Want to support the gym on a monthly basis? No contribution is too small.


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