Strive & Uplift

We believe in making it safe to strive, and as natural as breathing to uplift!

  •  (206) 919-9079
  • Monday – Thursday
    6am-11am, 3pm-9pm
    6am-11am, 3pm-7:30pm
    11am-3pm (members-only hours)
  • Accessible
  • Gender Neutral Bathroom
  • Gender Affirming
Strive & Uplift
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Strive & Uplift

Strive & Uplift 1404 NW 49th Street Seattle, WA 98107

About Strive & Uplift

Strive & Uplift is a womxn-owned-and-operated business supporting a diverse community of members, both in their location in Seattle, in Boulder and online through virtual programming!

Strive & Uplift was  thrilled to host the 2018 Seattle Pull for Pride event and continuously go out of their way to make sure everyone feels welcomed and supported in their space. They offer small group classes with modifications for every body/ability, personal training, and gym access memberships. Their online memberships follow their Whole Athlete model, including clinics about nutrition, mental health, self-care and more, and several options to serve different workout requirements. They’re thrilled to be a WSC Affiliate!

Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe and Supported

Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported as an athlete and a person. Safety is one of our most basic human needs. What sets Strive & Uplift apart from other gym spaces and programming is our commitment to create and maintain a safe and supportive space for our athletes.

We do this by:

  • Using inclusive and non-gendered language in our classes and programming, and providing modifications for every body & ability
  • Constantly asking for feedback and listening to concerns from our members
  • Actively engaging in dialogue with people who are working with oppressed populations to learn more about how to better embrace and amplify those voices
  • Addressing safety issues, both physical and emotional, that crop up in our work and space in a transparent and thoughtful way across multiple platforms
  • Highlighting marginalized people’s athletic and human efforts and successes in and out of the gym, whether or not they’re connected to us or our programming
  • Using, revising and updating our “Whole Athlete” protocol – education and engagement around topics of mental health, nutrition, recovery, and self-care
  • Doing the hard work on ourselves as coaches and humans, and supporting each other in that work

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