Strength For All

Increasing Access to Fitness in Brooklyn, NY

Strength For All is Women’s Strength Coalition’s community-driven, nonprofit gym.

Strength For All was intentionally designed to ensure equal access to strength and fitness for folks of all backgrounds, ethnicities, body-types, abilities, and gender identities. 

Strength For All also serves as Women’s Strength Coalition’s official headquarters, with offices for staff located in the same building as the gym sprawling gym space.


Over 0
Community Members Since Opening March 2019

Strength For All sells memberships and classes at a sliding scale, which means the price point varies based on the circumstances of the community member. This allows for those who typically would be denied access due to cost, to obtain services at a price that is accessible to them, and recognizes that fitness and strength training should be available to all people, regardless of financial circumstances.

Strength For All does not require income verification, as this puts further strain on those that would be relying on sliding scale memberships and classes, and often fails to pain the complete picture of the individuals life. Instead, we trust in our community members to choose the scale price that best represents them. >>To learn more about this, visit Strength For All’s website.

Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy

Strength For All  has a zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination toward any staff or gym members. Individuals who fail to comply with this policy and the below stated community agreements of the space will be subject to physical removal as well as the complete termination of membership, without refund.

Community Agreements

All Members Agree To:

1. Respect the privacy and space of other members

2. Not participate in weight or body shaming

3. Use members’ correct pronouns

4. Treat all members with respect & dignity

5. Refrain from using any and all language deemed transphobic, racist, ableist, sexist, or any other type of language meant to demean an individual

6. Not take pictures or video of any member without express permission from member

7. Not harass, physically or verbally, any member, this includes unwanted physical contact, remarks that are sexual in nature, and lewd comments about other members or persons

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